Decades of listening, ongoing interest and concern for world music cultures, free improvised music, contemporary classical traditions, electro-acoustic projects, as well as for language and language processing




Single channel film installation by Pia Borg, sound design & mix by Ph. Ciompi
Venice Biennale 2017, Malta pavilion at Arsenale, May - November 2017


Single channel film installation by Rosalind Nashashibi, sound design & mix by Ph. Ciompi
Documenta 14 Kassel and Athens, May - November 2017
Film Nominated for Turner Prize 2017 together with Electric Gaza


More projects in art spaces, see here



I sometimes get invited to install or perform my sounds in venues and galleries, such as Cave 12 Geneva, Archipel Contemporary music festival, Sexymachinery commissonned by Åbake, and a few more

2 excerpts of a radio project, 'petite guerre bien gérée' (1999)

'9 heures' aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasas 'respire'

Tape works

'vélo vermoulu' aaaaaaasaaaaaasaaaaaas 'le feu'



Over the years I've been collecting a vast library of sounds, environments, field recordings, special moments etc.
Listen to a few of them here

Catholic Procession, Macau China aaasasa Temple courtyard, China
aaas[Macau Fragment, Michale Boganim 2004] aaasaaaaasaaa[How is your Fish today, Xiaolu Guo 2006]

Mini-megaphone ads, Chong Qin Chinaaas sDrop drum, Athens
aaas[She, a Chinese, Xiaolu Guo 2009]



Occasionally I create and play tunes and soundscapes for films

Frenchie night walkaaasaasaaasaasaaasaaCredit tune
aaas[We Went to Wonderland - 2008]aaasaaasaas [Address Unknown]

Tone texture 1aaaaasaaaaasaaaaasaaaaas Celloflautthin
aaaaaaaaaaaaa as[Once upon a time Proletarian]



From early on, I've had the chance and luck to record many great musicians in West Africa, Turkey and elsewhere.
Here are a few excerpts from those amazing performances

Zouk Union aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaasArmy brass band
Resident band in a Yopougon night club, aas aaaBouaké Carnival, Côte d'Ivoire - 90s
Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire - 90s


Bendere, Mossi danceaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBaoulé Xylophoneaaaaaaaaa a
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso - 90saa aa aa aa aplayed by two men for recreation, Bouaké Côte d'Ivoire - 90s

Bété Funeral
Night celebration music to honour a deceased,
Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire - 90s


I've also installed sound spaces in a few locations, amongst others

Bribe Fondée 1
5.1 Sound composition for a pictureless cinema environment
December 2019 - Ecoute la salle obscure - Spoutnik Geneva

Astronauts of inner space
Sound installation in 50Golborne Gallery, London
28 April - 4 June 2016, 50 Golborne Rd London

L'orecchio lontano
Sound installation in a derelict church in which WW2 resistants took shelter, part of 'ad ogni uno la sua parte' event, Villatala, Italy, 19 - 20 July 2014

Porteur de sons
Etape nomade, series of sound installations in and around Cuges Les Pins, France
17 - 22 April 2012

Shoebox Whisper
Multichannel sound Installation commissioned by Archipel New Music festival Geneva



All sound recordings & music on this page © Ph. Ciompi


  © Ph Ciompi